sábado, 20 de diciembre de 2014

EplSite ETL 1.3 has been released.

Release Notes

Release date: 20 December 2014

Bug Fixes

- When saving a query, it was not set as the default query and it was causing confusion.


- The query window is now flexible.
- There is a button to export directly to Excel format and we can use Excel
or Libre Office to open the documents.
- Codemirror libraries were updated.

Note. There is not upgrade process, you will need to copy all programs and overwrite
previous versions  and, create a new field in the EplSite.sqlite database, in the
queries table.

If you want to upgrade, this is the create query for the queries table:
CREATE TABLE "eplsite_etl_sqlqueries" ("SQLQueryID" INTEGER PRIMARY KEY  NOT NULL ,
The last field is the new field.

jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2014

Creating a data transformation step by step

I created a basic transformation step by step sample in order to have documentation about EplSite ETL, this is the firs document, in a future sample i will show how to insert data in a tabla, anyway, you could see it in the sample data transformation that already exists in EplSite.
You can get the file from this link:




HyperTextPerl is a Perl program that parse Perl code inside html pages and also runs Perl native code without html.

EplSite ETL is based on this technology, it uses cgi technology to accomplish the web part.
For simplicity the cgi technology was used and the focus was on the development of the ETL itself.


EplSite ETL OverView

EplSite ETL is your own tool to do easy the data migrations and fact table creation, doing extraction, transformation, validation and load in a very fast way.

It was built by people involved in data migrations so, it contains the necessary to do the migration(Extract Transformation, validation and load) and do it well.

When you use EplSite ETL, focus on the positive things, you will see a lot of benefits in using this ETL, it does not need a lot of resources as most of the actual Java based ETL software.
So, positive things are:

- Open Source.
- Easy to use.
- Low resource consuming.
- Just the necessary tools to do the job.
- Web interface.
- Very easy to customize it because it is developed in Perl, all the source code is included.
- It is possible to run transformations using cron jobs on Linux or task manager on Windows.

Maybe the only missing part would be a graphical environment to to the design of the transformations but with the interface EplSite ETL has it is nod needed that.
Visit the project on sourceforge to get the files: